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How To Meet A Nigeria Girl As A Foreigner

May 6, 2021
How To Meet A Nigeria Girl As A Foreigner

Today’s, topic Nigerian women, how you can meet them now, let’s, have a look at what Nigerian women are like what you have to know about dating them and where you can meet the most beautiful women in Nigeria.


How To Meet A Nigeria Girl As A Foreigner

I mean yes, of course you could travel to Nigeria. You could pay a couple of hundred bucks for the flight, then another 50 bucks for hotel room and fly to Lagos, and then you could run around the streets approaching women.

While you hope that you don’t get hit by a car, but let’s face it. That’s, not the most effective way to meet beautiful Nigerian women. The easiest and most effortless way to meet Nigerian women is on F, for introductions.

F, for introductions is the biggest dating site for African women, where African women are looking for foreign men. Like you, the dating site has more than 2.5 million members and you can meet so many beautiful women from Nigeria, and now I want to give you a step-by-step guide or let’s rather say a step-by-step manual that you can use to meet beautiful Nigerian women because the day will come when you will finally meet her in real life and, yes, she might be beautiful on skype.

But I promise you she will be more beautiful in person and you, don’t want to mess that up. That’s, why you should follow the first step approach Nigerian girls with confidence? No matter if you approach Nigerian women online on F for introductions or if you meet them in Lagos or in another city in Nigeria, you have to be confident.

Yes, in Asia, a lot of women think it’s cute when a guy is a bit shy, but not in Africa. African women and especially Nigerian women, want confident men. If you are shy, if you are inhibited, if you are not confident, this will work against you and, of course, if you want to become more confident, you can always get my audio book and ebook course rise of the Phoenix in which I show you in the First chapter: how you can develop unshakable confidence, but it’s, just something that I want you to know.

You need to be confident and when it comes to your first date, I would try to find a cheap place where it doesn ‘ T cost a lot, and there are two reasons for that: the first one you want to sift out the gold diggers.

You want to make sure that the woman that you are dating is not in it for the money that’s, why? I would go to a local places to places that are not that expensive and in the Nigerian dating culture. Women expect the man to pay.

So if you choose a very fancy restaurant – and you then pay for her and she just wanted a free meal, then you lose on both ends. But if you choose a place that’s cheap you don’t lose a lot of money and the chances are high that she meets you because she really likes you, because if she just wanted a free dinner, she would say no, If you take her to this normal place, because when it comes to avoiding gold diggers, it’s, your job to find out.

If she’s, the right girl for you or not – and you just basically have to follow two simple rules. Rule number one don’t reveal your income on the online dating site. Rule number two choose a cheap place on the first date and see how she reacts and then you already know if she’s in it, for the money or if she wants you and then you must prove to her that you’Re serious commitment is the only way to win the heart of a Nigerian woman.

I mean yes, she already believes that you a little bit more commitment able and not so commitment-phobic like the local guys, but still you should prove it. You should tell her that you’re, looking for a serious relationship and just let her know how you imagine your ideal relationship, how you imagine it when you are with her in a relationship when she’s, your girlfriend paint a beautiful Picture of the future, and if she likes that picture, then she will be more likely to trust you and to commit to you and then at some point.

At least, if you’re really honest about this relationship with her, then you might have to meet her parents and you will find out if her father likes you, because she wants you to meet her family. It’s.

A very traditional country, and there’s, a high chance that her parents, like you, but there’s, a very, very small chance that they are suspicious. I mean you have to think about it. Nigeria has been an English colony, which is not so good because a lot of older people, they might still think yeah the foreigners I don’t know if I should trust that guy, if he’s good for my daughter, but on The other hand, Nigerian people, and especially the woman, extremely obsessed with white skin, which means that your value there as a is through the roof.

It’s very, very high, and it’s very easy for you to find a woman who’s interested in you and who wants to take you and now. I want you to think about three questions that you must ask yourself before dating a Nigerian woman.

Let’s. Imagine that you’re smart enough and you read my fr introductions review. You can find the review in the description and you sign up on this amazing African dating site and then imagine that you meet this really hot Nigerian woman who’s, so sexy and so beautiful that you can’t wait to meet Her and then you meet her in Nigeria, but what are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself before you meet her? The first question: is it okay for a Nigerian woman to date, a white man, a meaning case? You’re, a black guy and you’re.

Looking for Nigerian women, then you don’t have to ask yourself this question. Of course, then, there is a little bit less tension when it comes to your relationship and also less social judgment. But when it comes to the relationship between a white guy and the Nigerian woman, there’s, still some kind of judgment involved, at least when other people look at you and when they yeah when they make judgmental conclusions about your relationship.

The good news is that a lot of Nigerian women are attracted to white men and that white skin is considered beautiful in this country, of course, that doesn’t mean that every Nigerian woman would date a white man.

A lot of them also prefer to date, black men, but when it comes to the girls that you can meet on F for introductions, a lot of them are looking for white men, because otherwise they wouldn ‘ T have signed up on this dating site, and the second question you might ask yourself is my Nigerian girlfriend dating me or her career, one of the main reasons why a lot of guys are looking for foreign women is because they don’t want To date, a woman who is married to her career – and I can tell you one thing about Nigerian women: they have very traditional family values, so calm down, you are dating a feminine woman, a supportive woman and not a career, addicted woman who works 80 hours a Week and who doesn’t have time for the relationship and the last question you might want to ask yourself a very controversial question, but also a very interesting question.

Can I keep up with the sexual demands of my Nigerian girlfriend Nigerian women are like volcanoes that have been forbidden to erupt, because nigeria is a very patriarchal society and no, I’m, not talking about the made-up patriarchy in the West.

I’m talking about the real patriarchy and in this country. The pleasure of a woman is not really regarded as something important. For example, here moi OBD, who’s, the owner of a sex shop in Nigeria, says when you marry.

You are there to satisfy your husband. You are not really told that you are there for any pleasurable fulfilment, and this really says a lot about the dating culture and about how the Nigerian culture looks at sexuality.

It’s, still a taboo to talk about female orgasms and about female pleasure, but things are slowly changing and if you then show your Nigerian girlfriend that you respect her desires that you don’t judge her for her sexual desires and That you are a man who wants to fulfill her desires.

Then she will be your loyal and devoted girlfriend. And if you want to meet hundreds of beautiful Nigerian women, then you can check out the link in the description and find out more about fr introductions which is, in my opinion, the best dating site to meet Nigerian women.

If you check out my review, you can find out how you can get free access to my best openers, and you also find messages that I send to girls and the messages that I received from women. And if you enjoyed watching this video, please give it a big big thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

Share your opinions share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you and I would love it even more.

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