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Want Women To Find You Irresistible, Here Is The Type Of Man You Need To Be

May 18, 2021
Want Women To Find You Irresistible, Here Is The Type Of Man You Need To Be

Want Women To Find You Irresistible, Here Is The Type Of Man You Need To Be


 Right here in this post, I am going to take you by the hand and show you what you need to do to become a guy that attracts women like magnets. If you follow this instruction I am about to show you, women will fall over you and practically go crazy about you.

Now come with me.

You see; there is one big deadly mistake guys make with women. When a guy likes a girl, what he does is turn into a puppy.


Want Women To Find You Irresistible, Here Is The Type Of Man You Need To Be

You know what a puppy does? When a puppy sees it’s master that puppy starts to wiggle it’s tail. The puppy jumps up. The puppy barks. The puppy jumps over things.



…just to impress the master.

And that is exactly the same thing most guys do when they meet a woman they really like. A girl asks them for money; zoom – they rush to the bank and donate it to her. when they want to ask a girl out; they beg her. They call her everyday. They try to impress, they try not to offend her.

Just like a damn puppy (as in, when I see a guy acting like this – I feel the urge to throw him a loud slap)



Yes, brother.

It doesn’t. Simple. When you try too hard to impress a girl she will sense it, and when she senses you are trying too hard to impress her it won’t make her like you. in Fact, it would make her hate you.

It would make her hate real bad. She doesn’t do this consciously. It is the way their brains are wired.

This is why all those girls you’ve ever worshiped treated you like trash. By acting like a puppy, you showed her that she can control you. and girls never ever ever feel a STRONG ATTRACTION for guys they can control. When they come across a guy they can control, what they start thinking is – “How can I take advantage of this guy?”. That is how guys turn “maga”.

Be rich, be famous – it might get women to notice you. But when they come closer and find out you are just a rich puppy; they will either take money from you and give another dude they feel REAL attraction to. Or they will just dump your ass and move on.

To make women find you irrepressible; you need to be the opposite of a puppy



Women don’t fall for puppies. They fall for a different kind of man. In fact, I have a name for that kind of man; I call it “THE FUNNY BOSS”



One thing women find attractive in a man is control. They will love you if you are in control. And what does it mean to be a man in control?

It means a man that doesn’t lose his head when he goes after a woman. A man that doesn’t chase after a woman like his life depends on it. Brother; it means a man that does not beg for a woman’s love. A man that doesn’t try too hard to impress a woman just to get her attention.

And while he is doing this; he is still funny.

Let me explain more by giving you the ten commandments of a funny boss.



#1. Never beg a woman to date you. If you do, she will hate you and take you less seriously. Think about it; if a girl walks up to you and start begging you to notice her – you will never take her seriously. It is the same thing that happens when you beg a woman to date you

#2. Never try too hard to please a girl. Make her to try and please you (I explained how to do this in my ebook; The Bang Rule)

#3. Always tease a girl. it makes her see you as someone fun to be with, and it also gets them attracted. The best way to tease a girl is by using the JHS method (I Explained what the JHS method is in my ebook)

#4. Never let a girl be sure about how you feel about her if you’ve not made her interested in you first (In my ebook, I explained why in one of the pages plus all the things to do that will get a girl’s interest)

#5. Never beg a girl for friendship, by any means.

#6. If a girl doesn’t like you, don’t worry about it. She doesn’t have good tastes. That is the mindset you should have.

#7. If you ask a girl to see you at a certain place and she agrees but doesn’t show up or calls to inform you she is not showing up, call her up and warn her not to try it again. Your time is too valuable to be wasted that way.

#8. Never try hard to impress a lady, you are the boss – she should be the one to impress you.

#9. Don’t beg a girl for sex, ever – she is not doing you a favor.

#10. Never ever tell a girl directly that you love her. It is better to show love by doing surprise lovely things for her. For example, you could surprise her with a gift out of the blues and tell her it is because she has been a good girl. Or you could call her up late in the night, tell her you’ve been thinking about her, and then switch off the phone (But only do this after you are sure she is already crazy about you, not before)

#11. Never beg a girl to visit you. If she is not showing taking you s seriously as you want, don’t ask her why – don’t even whine about it. Just look for another girl and gradually take your mind off her. You shouldn’t take a girl who doesn’t take you seriously.

#12. NEVER ever tell a girl or show a girl how you feel about her until she is very crazy about you. You will know she is crazy about you when she starts sending you love texts, calling you often, and telling you how she feels about you. a boss plays hard to get, sometimes if a girl tries to kiss you – you should not just give in to her, do small shakara – hard to get is not reserved for just girls.



While you are doing all this you should be doing two things;

Number one; you should be avoiding mistakes most other guys make. These mistakes are the reason why girls are not returning your feelings. And I can bet my last kobo that you are making those mistakes right now. In my ebook I exposed all those mistakes. By knowing these mistakes you will not do them. And by not doing them, girls will find you more attractive, and you will get more “yes” from the girls you ask out.

Number two; by knowing what and what to do to make a girl interested in you. I explained all that in my ebook; the Bang Rule.

If you haven’t gotten the ebook yet. You can get it today. Click I WANT TO GET IT TODAY for more details.

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