Exposed: “Why Girls Play Hard To Get & How To Make Sure They Don’t Do It Around You” – The Ultimate Guild To Seduction For Guys

Exposed: “Why Girls Play Hard To Get & How To Make Sure They Don’t Do It Around You”

August 28, 2021
Exposed: “Why Girls Play Hard To Get & How To Make Sure They Don’t Do It Around You”

Exposed: “Why Girls Play Hard To Get & How To Make Sure They Don’t Do It Around You”

Hey bro…

You are special, you know it. You are a blessing to women, and you know it.

So how dare a girl reject you? How dare her say she doesn’t feel anything for you?

Now, stay with me.

The biggest problem most Nigerian guys face in their love life is when they walk up to a girl, tell the girl how they feel about her and the girl out rightly rejects him. It is painful.

As in, the girl looks you in the face and tells you that she can’t date you. That she doesn’t feel anything for you. Sometimes the polite ones would lie to you that they have a boyfriend, just to put you off.

The wicked ones will give you hope then allow you to spend on her and her friends before calling you up one day to tell you she can’t continue with you.

In Fact; there is one sentence a girl uses when she wants to play hard to get and that sentence is: “I will think about it”. When a girl gives you that line, her hard to get mode is on.

You tell her how you like her and how you would want to date her and, bam, she tells you she will think about it. Then the next thing she does is to start avoiding you.

If you’ve experienced this in the past or is going through it now, I’m about to show you, right away, what causes a girl to play hard to get and how you can avoid it and make sure a girl finds you irrestible.

Let’s take it one by one:


See, I want you to really really understand what I’m about to show you. So I will show you an illustration. Just to make it clear to you.

Stay with me, this is important.

Now, imagine you are interested in buying a land from a man.

So you walk up to the man and say: “Hey, I like that land your are selling. You are selling it for 2 million naira. I have 3 million naira for the land but I will try and get you to sell it to me for 1.5 million naira”

What do you think would happen? Think about it.

Very simple, you will never get that land at 1.5 million naira. In Fact; the man would probably increase the price.


Because he already knows what you are thinking.

Now. Case two; Let us assume it happens the other way round, you walk up to the same man and you don’t tell him how much you have; you just start negotiating the price to beat it down to 1.5 million naira

Consider the two cases and you will agree with me that the chances of getting that land at the price you want is higher in the second case


If you are smart then you already get it. But I will explain.

Stay with me.

When you meet a girl, she doesn’t know zip about you. She doesn’t know you, she doesn’t feel anything for you. Somehow, some really “jonsing” guys feel that the best way to get the girl to like them is to just tell them how they feel and ask them to date him. Hoping that, somehow somehow, the girl will feel the same way…

…Just because he told her how he feels about her.

Just think about it, does it make sense?

It is like showing the games and cards you have to an opponent when playing Whot (bridge). It is dangerous to the outcome of your game.


Because girls are trained to play hard to get, they are trained to never give in to a guy easily. If they give in easily to you they will feel cheap. So when she knows you are interested in her, she will shut down and lock up her feelings for you – it is a natural reaction. Then the shakara will start. Then she tells you she will “think about it”, so you can put more effort.

When this shakara starts, the natural reaction is for the guy to start chasing the girl. To try to get the girl to like him by all means…

And that is where the mistake starts;

Yo start trying hard to impress the girl. I mean, that is the same thing you see in the movies, right. Movies seem to paint that girls fall for guys who worship them and go crazy about them.

So you go crazy about her, you show her how bad you love her by Buying her things, calling her up regularly, always telling her you love her (even though she never says she likes you, talk more of loving you), you keep asking her weather she loves you, you keep asking her why she doesn’t love you, you almost beg her to return the feeling you have for her.


All these things will kill every single chance you have with that girl. Just think back to everybody who has ever tried hard to impress you, as in, really hard to impress you – chances are that, although you liked the attention, you never took that person as an equal.

A girl you do all those things to will never take you as an equal. You have to approach a girl like she is your equal and not a goddess to be worshipped.

A girl will never feel attracted to a guy she has absolute control over. A girl wants a man. Someone who is in charge of the relationship. A girl doesn’t want a worshipper – she wants a real man and not a guy who allows her take charge of the relationship

I will also tell you another secret; telling a girl that you like her before she feels anything for you RARELY works. It is the main reason most girls have been turning you down. You are showing her what you think before she gets to think the same thing.

I know what you are thinking.

You are wondering how you can get a girl to like you when you don’t make your intention known to her, right?


The right way to woo a girl, funny enough, always stare right at us when we watch American movies. A guy and a girl meet, they get to know themselves – they kiss, then before the “I love you” talk.

Understand the process.

The correct step is; meet a girl, make her fall for you first before you show her that you are interested in her. A girl will find it harder to reject a guy she already likes than a girl she doesn’t like already. if you show her you are interested first before making her fall for you then you are making a big mistake.

So how can you get a girl to fall for you, how can you get her to feel some form of interest in you?; it is super easy (trust me) – you can achieve this by reading all my articles here on this website and using the strategies in them  – I exposed some powerful secrets in most of them.

If you want more advanced secrets that you can use to get a girl crazy about you, I compiled and packed them all in my eBook, The Bang Rule. In it I explained the easy to use effective secrets that most players you know use to effortlessly get the girls they like to like them back. For details on how to get the eBook; click this link:

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