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How To Make A Girl Visit You Without Resisting And Giving Excuses

August 28, 2021
How To Make A Girl Visit You Without Resisting And Giving Excuses

How To Make A Girl Visit You Without Resisting And Giving Excuses

After reading this, you will learn a “dangerously” effective way that you can use to make a girl visit you, even when she suspects you are “up to something” *winks*
But before we dive into that, let me make something clear. All the tips I’m about to show you will not work if you’ve not made a girl interested in you, at least, a bit.

How To Make A Girl Visit You Without Resisting And Giving Excuses

But don’t worry, right here on my website, in my other articles I have explained how to make girls interested in you.

If you’ve been following my articles then continue reading. But if you’ve not, make sure you check out my other write ups after reading this.

In my other articles you will learn some secrets you can use to make a girl interested in you

Now, let’s start…

Shall we?

Getting a girl to visit you is super easy. The problem is that most guys don’t find it so.

You ask a girl to come over and visit you and she turns you down, giving some flimsy excuses. Sometimes she agrees to come over and then turns around to disappoint you.

I’ve been there before, till i learnt how to “trick” my way out of it.

Here is why girls are avoiding your house…

It’s because you are scaring them away.

Don’t worry. Let me explain further.

Firstly, a girl will never visit you if she finds you boring (read my article on “how to talk to girls” to put a stop to being boring).

Secondly, a girl will avoid your house if she notices you are desperate for her visit. Never ever beg a girl to visit you. Never give her the impression that she is doing you a favour by visiting you.

You dey get the gist abi?

As in, Never ever ever make a girl feel you are badly in need for her visit. It scares them like crazy. It gives her this impression that: “he wants sex, that is why he has been begging me to visit”.

The best approach is to make it seem you are inviting her over for something. As in, you have to give her this idea that she is coming over for a reason.

Let me give you an example. Here is one trick that is damn effective

You could call a girl up today, after making her interested in you using all the tips in my eBook, then go like:

“Hey, I want to cook ogbono soup. I need directions abeg. Shebi you can cook it”

Of course she go know. Ask her to give you directions, then make a show of acting as if you are writing the directions down.

She will find this funny and you both will have a good laugh as she gives you the direction over the phone.

After she is done with the directions, thank her and hang up

Then give her like 30 minutes and call her again. Then say something like:

YOU: “Haba na. You give me fake directions na”.

HER: “Lol. How”

YOU: “I just finished cooking the soup, it doesn’t draw. you give me direction for non-drawing ogbono soup? Plus the soup looks funny. It’s red here and brown there”.

If you do this well, it will make her laugh. Go ahead and PLAYFULLY tease her: “Haba, we are beefing o. you for tell you can’t cook ogbono na”. Bla bla bla bla. (If you’ve read my Ebook then you already know how to tease a girl)

When you two are done laughing over the whole thing. Tell her you will call her back and end the call.

Two days later, contact her, tell her you feel like eating ogbono soup the next day. And you wouldn’t want to take a risk again, and that you really need to learn how to cook the soup.

Then invite her over to TEACH YOU. Not to cook it for you (you never can tell if she is a feminist who doesn’t like cooking for guys. Lol). Use the word teach, it’s safer

If you’ve been using the strategies in my eBook on her, she will come.

Hope you got the whole strategy?

Here is the point, directly asking a girl to come and visit you raises the red flag in her head and makes her wonder what you are up to.

When you give her a reason, it makes her relaxed. Also, girls don’t like to feel as if they gave in to a guy’s “temptation”. It makes them feel cheap.

But when you structure your invitation like it’s not a temptation, you make it easier for her to come – even though she knows it might still be a temptation.

Some other “reasons” you can give a girl to come over are:.

– “There is this new action movie I got, come over let’s watch it together. Bring pop corns. I will bring the drinks”

– “Can you play cheese? Come over let me teach you. Make sure you come with note books for note taking”.

Are you getting the pattern here?

One; You are inviting her over with a reason

Two; you are making her see you are not desperate for her visit by playfully giving her conditions for her visit (eg: bring pop corns)

Three; You are sounding as if she will agree to the invitation. As in, you went ahead to ask her to bring pop corns without waiting for her to give an answer if she will come or not.

DISCLAIMER: only use this strategy on a girl you suspect will turn you down if you directly invite her over. If you are sure she won’t turn you down, just directly ask her to come and visit you (no need for the hassle in that case).

But there is something you need to do first before you even invite a girl to your house. if you don’t do this one thing then, no matter how hard you try, the girls you desire will always keep giving you flimsy excuse just to avoid not showing up. So what is this one thing?

simple – you need to know what and what to do that will make a girl take interest in you. If a girl is not interested in you, why would she visit you. i explained in details how to create massive interest in girls and make them want you. to get the ebook today, click this link for details on how to go about it: click SHOW ME DETAILS

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