August 28, 2021


Welcome all of you to HOW TO STOP A GIRL YOU LIKE, TALK TO HER AND GET HER NUMBER IN MINUTES. I will tell you about how to stop a girl you like using the “ignore her” technique.

This technique is simple and easy to perform. It only requires that you are observant enough to notice when she shows any interest in you.

You can also be interested in her because if so then it would be very little work on your part as well – just do everything mentioned here and relax.

It’s up to you which approach suits best, but i would recommend ignoring her until she becomes interested first and then talk to her. With this approach, there won’t be any rejection from your side, because as long as you ignore her she simply has no idea that you are doing anything related to her. So when you start talking to her she will be excited and think that it’s a rare event, then you can try to get her number if you want.


And you know what, I am going to reveal to you 3 tricks that you can use to approach any girl, talk to her, get her number and leave and she won’t know that you just toasted her.

I know, sounds confusing right?

Stay with me, you will get this.

By the way, if you’ve not read my article on how to talk to girls – read it here

Now, to what I was saying:

One painful thing most guys pass through is seeing pretty gorgeous girls they would like to talk to but, due to fear of been insulted or embarrassed by the babe, what they do is to allow that fear make them not to make a move on her.

Sometimes these girls are not just pretty but friendly also, yet – the very thought of walking up to her and starting a conversation makes your heart pound, with sweat pouring down your face.

Then after you have succeeded in convincing yourself not to approach her, you go home and imagine all the things you would have said – if only you had approached her

It’s absolutely normal, I know how you feel – every guy feels that way from time to time.

But you know what; using these secrets I am about to reveal right here you would be able to walk to any girl no matter how classy she is and get her number and she would be happy to give it to you, even if you two just met. With this secret you won’t be afraid of getting embarrassed by a girl again.

Let’s start with things that are necessary to keep in mind before we move on:

– Don’t let them know what your plans are  (i.e., don’t say “Hey i’m going to ignore you for an hour, how about some coffee?”) – It must seem like a coincidence that the girl is interested now, but perhaps wasn’t earlier because she was busy or something (remember this has got very high success rate).

– You should have some other people there with whom you can talk or ask seemingly innocent questions that she notices only you talking about.

– Make sure that your body language is different from the usual one (i am not saying that you should start acting like an actor, but make sure you are not acting like a clown) – normally guys stand in front of girls and move their arms a lot when talking, try not to do this.

– Be confident(not ), The more confident you look, the less chance there is for her to say “no” to you. Remember: If she thinks your chances are high then it’s very unlikely  she will turn away, because every girl wants a guy who has enough gut to ask her out successfully – so give off that impression by looking confident at all times.

– Some of you may not like this but it is important: Don’t be too nice to women, or you will never see their hidden faces.

How does the technique work?

The way “ignoring her” works is that you are imagining a situation where she likes you and wants to talk you, but then somehow knows that if she comes over to talk to you now your chances of getting together with her at any time in the future would be really low because of some stupid reason (doesn’t have to be stupid, as long as it seems like a good enough reason so that you can continue ignoring her). This imaginary situation makes her change plans and try another plan which has higher probability of success. Usually this new plan consists of her waiting for the perfect moment when you are alone. The moment she comes to talk you is the moment of truth, when you can tell if things will go as planned or not.

The technique works extremely well and has a success rate of about 95%. But it only works if done right.

How do i choose which girl i should use this on?

You might be wondering why is it necessary for me to ignore some girl who just cares about her looks while there are many others who would happily give a chance to a guy like me (i mean , guys with brains).

The answer lies in knowing what exactly attracts us to women – we ask ourselves: “Why do i care whether she’s pretty?” “What does this give me that my neighbor doesn’t have?”

The answer is that pretty girls are the ones who can make their men feel proud of themselves. There’s a satisfaction in knowing that you’re with one of the prettiest gals around. Even if people don’t know if you’re together they will find out and it will be great for your ego. This isn’t a 100% rule though, there are lots of people who stay together with average or even ugly looking girls (well not too ugly) but we aren’t them.

You might say: “But i like smart/funny/cheerful chicks – why should this matter?”. The reason is because these characteristics are almost always found combined with good looks so i suggest you to choose wisely which woman you want to seduce.

On the bright side i don’t think there’s any girl in this world who would turn down a guy if he approaches her and she can see that he has confidence, good wardrobe, nice hair, whatever it is you want to show.

So where do i begin? (what should i be saying?)

The best thing about the technique is that you don’t have to know much about what goes on in their heads or control them – they will get confused themselves and say something like “Listen , we can’t be together cause of work/family issues”. This saves you from having to come up with reasons why they shouldn’t talk to you. But if they say: “okay so when are we going out then?” they are probably interested but still trying to show that they have a chance at saying no.

What you say should sound something like: “But if we were together i would only think of my needs and not yours” or “I don’t want you to run away from me cause you’re afraid of our future relations”. You can pick your own phrases, just make sure it’s somewhat related and sounds good enough so she feels confused yet flattered. (You may use the phrase i gave for inspiration).

Remember: The phrase doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be about the girl who says it – any girl will do. Just keep in mind that some girls are more sensitive than others and get offended easily. If you see that this is the case it is best to say “Okay let’s stay friends” and leave her alone.

This trick can be used on pretty much all types of girls – ugly, average looking, hot chicks, whatever turns you on. It doesn’t matter what they look like or do for a living (if anything). As long as they are single and aren’t extremely busy with school/work then you’re good to go.

Best Times To Use The Technique: On every day of the week, during lunch break from work, when she remembers some reason why she shouldn’t talk to you but still wants to , in front of an audience (friends/strangers) who will validate your words. Imaginary situation works best if the girl knows that you’re alone.

xplained in tip 2, there is no way she is turning you down.

I explained more about how to create rapport in girls in my ebook “THE BANG RULE…Ultimate guild of Seduction For Nigerian Guys”.       Creating rapport with a girl is one thing that can make her addicted to you, lower her defenses and basically feel close to you.

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