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Why Single Girls Are Turning You Down When You Ask Them Out

August 28, 2021
Why Single Girls Are Turning You Down When You Ask Them Out

Why Single Girls Are Turning You Down When You Ask Them Out


Hair salons are very dangerous. As in, female hair salons. they are one of the most dangerous places a guy can ever enter.


Because what girls say in hair saloons can kill a guy’s confidence gan.


In hair salons, after hearing single girls analyses guys who are asking them out, you will come out covering your face on behalf of most single men
out there.

First, the conversation will start with a general discussion about guys…

…then they will narrow it down to the horribly annoying things guys do, gradually they will tear guys up and spit out how foolish and desperate for love some guys are. As she talks about the “mumu-ness” of the guy who is asking him out, all her friends will throw back their heads and laugh.

It is an ugly experience if you watch girls talk about a guy in this way, some babes get bad mouth die abeg…and my mission is to make sure no babe ever takes a guy i come in contact with for granted.

Here is the hard truth.


But chill, what i am about to show you right now will make sure that a girl never laughs at you behind your back when you show interest in her.

My hope is that after learning this, you will use it and change how you interact with girls.

Now, let’s begin…


Most dudes don’t get this.

Baba, because she is opening teeth for you and throwing you 360 degrees hugs every time does not mean she is attracted to you in a romantic way.

For girls a friend is different from a boyfriend. and when a girl starts seeing you as a friend IT WILL BE RARE for her to see you as a boyfriend – ever again (Go and ask any girl).

Some days back i read an article where some dude was advising guys that the best way to make a girl like you is to go to her and become her friend and with time she will start liking you…

I read the article and laughed, as in, threw back my head and laughed.

In might work in hollywood but try it in real life and you MIGHT end up in friend zone quarters till you grow white bear-bear. You need to do something else – something else that always works all the time.

You see, girls classify guys into two when they meet them; it is either they place you as someone they can date or they place you as someone they can never date.

If she places you as someone she can not date, when you ask out let me show you what will happen…

– First she will be shocked that you’ve even asked asked out in the first place (You that she saw as a “brother”wink
– Then she will beg you that you two should just remain friends
– Then she will start ignoring you.

In that order.

Now, you might be asking yourself the following questions…

One; How or why does a girl decide to date one guy and decides not to date another guy?
Two; why is it difficult for girls to date a guy they have been just friends with for a long time?
Three; How do i make sure that a girl sees me as someone she wants to date?
You see, what makes a girl decide that a guy is “date-able” is the way that guy makes her FEEL.

For a girl to see you as a boyfriend material you have to give her two major feelings:

– An emotional feeling
– A Physical feeling.

Let me explain the two.

First; The emotional feeling: You see, when a girl likes a guy she looks forward to his calls, she looks forward to his visits and whenever she sees him with another girl jealousy go won kill am. But if she is not interested in you, she won’t give a damn.

On the other hand, a girl would have physical feelings for that same guy. As in, she would think about kissing him and in some other cases she will even go as far as thinking about having intimacies with this guy.

But for “Just A friend”, girls find it hard to EVEN IMAGINE kissing him (Ask any girl). But as a guy, if a female friend who is a just a friend pulls her clothes and hugs you – you go hug am back; straight.

Lets look at the other way round – If a guy pulls his clothes and moves towards a female friend who has no physical feeling for him; she go take off.

Now. Pause.

Let’s take this gradually now. I want you to really really get this.

Most Guys think it takes just luck to make a girl have an emotional and physical feelings for you. In fact, i used to think so too. I used to think that it is either a girl likes you or she doesn’t – and that there was nothing you can do about it.

Until i learnt it is actually possible to deliberately make a girl’s heart beat fast whenever she sets eyes on you. It is very possible to make a girl UNCONTROLLABLY fall for you against her own will (LOL, i know most people will try to argue this with me. Before you attack it, Just chill first till i’m done).

I’m sure you’ve seen a guy who is so good with girls that girls themselves fear him. he is able to date two friends at the same time, take other people’s girlfriends, make girls fight for him and yet you look at him and you wonder what the heck girls see in him.

You’ve seen such guys abi?

They call them “players”. The reason why they are that good with girls is because they know SOME THINGS about girls that MOST guys will never know all their life. And those things they (the players) know is what i packaged in my ebook THE BANG RULE. Learn these secrets and you too can get the same result this dudes get with girls. To get the ebook sent to you today; click: SHOW ME HOW TO GET IT


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